Train Better Not Harder

Whether you are looking to

Train Spanish-speaking employees

Grow your clientele or

Meet Growing Customer Needs

we can help.

Our goal is make learning easier and faster by designing educational technology and learning programs that rely on learning cognition and gamification for enterprises with a high volume of Spanish-speaking employees and clientele.

There is a communication gap between English-Speaking employers and Spanish-Speaking Employees that results in increased injuries on the job site in construction and factory settings, medical malpractice in medical settings and escalation and increased conflict during law enforcement interactions. Not only are people injured but billions of dollars are overspent in workmen's com and medical malpractice claims due to miscommunications and inadequate training caused by the language barrier. Local economies are stunted and opportunities missed because businesses are not connecting with potential employees.

So, how do we fix this? We meet in the middle.

By providing employers with industry specific language training and employees with job related training in a virtual/digital environment, Gamified Learning Solutions, Inc. (GLS) provides a learning platform that creates that middle ground.

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